Our Mission

"A man who does not think and plan long,
ahead will find trouble right at his door."

Konfuzius (551-479 a.Chr.)

Then and now it was the fascination of producing and storing thermal or electric energy through solar radiation, which made us force the spreading of possibilities of energy generation.
We see it as a life task to awake consciousness for the protection of our fragile planet and to explain the advantages of sustained behavior.
The consciousness for ecological and sustainable energy politics growing in people’s mind requires integrative solutions, which can be applied in synergy with the natural environment. We pay attention to the ecological and economical needs of the people and their environment during the planning of the technical solutions.
A technical system is mainly an investment. Our primary goal is to plan and eventually realize systems with a high technical value, paired with high energy efficiency. Hereby we respect the individual situation of our customer and combine high quality products for customized solutions.
Thanks to our long year’s activity in the renewable energy sector and the thereby developed global network of designated partners, as well as private and institutional investors, we are able to provide professional advice, planning and supervision of the implementation to the point of “ready for occupancy” solutions for the national and international market.
We are also able to demonstrate measures for the improvement of building efficiency and the energy consumption in living- and business sector. We also provide complete redevelopment concepts and the creation of energy certificates.

Let us put our experience with the realization of environmental-friendly projects for energy generation to good use together. Further we utilize their usage to run selective interventions, by bringing solutions with a low ecological damage combined with a high economic value into action.