Alternative Energies offers upfront reviewed Photovoltaic- or wind energy projects from all over Europe to EPC, which come from designated project developers.

We also work together tightly with local partners, to avoid potential risks during the implementation as far as possible, when developing projects at home or abroad.

Particularly we offer all over Europe:

  • Review of approved or partially approved projects in terms of technical and economic feasibility, assessment of the legal approval project status, and creation of a report.
  • Advice and assistance in finding of general and subcontractors for the realization of projects with subsequent monitoring of construction to completion of the project
  • New development of photovoltaic and wind energy projects
  • Support to maintain the building permits and feed in tariffs or any kind of subsidies, approvals for new or part-approved Projects
  • Support of the law firm responsible for creating a legal due diligence about the single project